Senior Camp

Ajax Senior Camp

We are excited to announce our brand new branch of camp for campers ages 12 and up. We have picked our top activities and a few new ones for our senior campers. In addition to our new and exciting activities we will also be providing lunch from various favorite restaurants around the valley. Simply scroll down to find out more about our programming!

Please note: Activities are subject to change depending on camper choice and weather. Also additional activities will likely be offered.


Zip n' Slip

We’re starting the week off right by seeing what 8K Ranch has to offer. We’ll start by zip-lining past the sleepaway bunk areas, over two valleys, and through an Aspen forest before coming to a gentle stop a quarter mile later. Once everyone has had their fill of the zip-line senior campers will get the chance to see how fast they can slip n’ slide into 8K’s very own small lake. In between all the action lunch will be provided at the Ranch.


Iron Chef and Day Camping

Make sure you bring your appetite on Tuesdays! We’re doing one of camp’s longest standing traditions, Iron Chef. However, this isn’t a standard Iron Chef. During this competition the ingredients offered to senior campers will be beyond the traditional. Senior campers will get to test their skills with the finest foods Aspen has to offer. Once everyone has had their fill of amazing creations we’ll test our outdoor survival skills and learn a few new ones along the way.


Climbing, Storm the Tower and Bubble Soccer

We will start the morning by trying our hand at some old and new climbing routes camp has to offer. This will be an exciting challenge for both the novice and experienced climber. From there we will return to Base Camp where CP Burger will be waiting for our Senior Campers. The afternoon will be spent playing one of camps greatest games, Storm The Tower. However, if senior campers have demonstrated they’re mature enough to handle it, they will get the chance to play a round at the top of the tower. No other campers are allowed to even touch the water guns at the top of the tower, but for the select few senior campers we are letting them give it a try. Once everyone has had their round we will finish the day with a little Bubble Soccer.


Kayaking the Roaring Fork River

This is our water day! We will test our balance by trying our hand at the Paddleboarding Olympics. There will be races, tug of war, kickball and so many more activities all on paddleboards. We’ll take a quick break and enjoy some delicious food from Smoke BBQ. Afterwards we will get to do an activity that has never been done before at Camp. We will get to take inflatable Kayaks down the Roaring Fork River.


Adventure Park and Hot Springs

We wanted to end on a high note, so we’ve brought in the roller coasters. Senior Campers will travel to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park where they will get the chance to take a spin on the Alpine coaster or test their nerves on the Giant Canyon Swing, the Cliffhanger Roller, the Soaring Eagle Zipline, the Canyon Flyer or the Dare to Drop. The options are endless. We’ll enjoy some food at the Caverns. Finally we’ll end our week taking a quick dip in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.