Slip n’ Slide

Slip n' Slide


Brand new this year! Ajax Sleepaway has constructed the ultimate slip n’ slide! This is not your average slip n’ slide. Campers start by slipping n’ sliding their way down a crazy hill, and end up splashing into a small lake located at the amazing 8K Ranch. This is an all day activity combined with zip-lining up at 8K Ranch, the home of Ajax Sleepaway.  Campers will be transported to the ranch and lunch will be provided there.

Please note: due to the fact that this activity is located at 8K Ranch, the home of Ajax Sleepaway, sleepaway campers will have this activity offered nearly every day at camp. For day camp this full-day activity is offered twice per week. We ask that you please reserve a space online for Zip/Slip day if you would like to participate as part of day camp.

``Will sleep like a baby``