One-Night Campouts

One-Night Campouts: Camping and Glamping

It is our hope that every Ajax Adventure Camper experiences at least one overnight trip while attending camp. Counselors typically have such a good time with the campers they compete to go on one every week. We alternate each week between regular camping (set-up tents, create your campsite, play games in the wilderness) and glamping (enjoy the comforts of pre-built platform tents, a kitchen area, and the activities of Ajax Sleepaway located at 8K Ranch). While on the wilderness camping trips, the theme is Iron Chef and Survival Skills. For the glamping trips, campers get a sneak peak into the life of Ajax Sleepaway at 8K Ranch (surrounded by awesome activities and national forest above Reudi Reservoir).

Explore the outdoors for a night, learn skills to live in nature, build a campfire, perfect s'more roasting, and participate in the games and challenges for the given campout’s theme.

Last year, most of the campouts filled to capacity, so please plan ahead and reserve your campout. Ages 7+

Camping (the real camping)

Campers and experienced (and certified) staff drive about 45 minutes from our basecamp at the Aspen Middle School to our camping location in the national forest with view of all the Elk Mountains and 14'ers. Once at the campsite, campers will set up their tents, learn to make a campfire, and gain useful survival and camping skills as taught by our expert staff. Every campout we have an Iron Chef competition. This means there is a secret ingredient that campers and staff teams must use to create an appetizer, main course, and desert. Past secret ingredients have included: chocolate, cheerios, lemons, potatoes, onions, etc. As you can imagine, the Iron Chef is extremely fun and quite interesting - leading to some amazing creations, and some not so amazing ones. Furthermore, being able to cook over a campfire in an Iron Chef competition is not a skill every kid gets to claim when back at school this fall! After dinner, there are s'mores of course. Then perhaps a little bit of card playing, flashlight tag, or a short night hike to see the stars before bedtime. In the morning campers will eat breakfast, participate in some exploration activities in the national forest, and then head back to the basecamp at the middle school for pickup by 12:30 PM.


The glamping crew will depart from the Aspen Middle School and head up to 8K Ranch, the home of Ajax Sleepaway. Here they will get a small taste of sleepaway camp, albeit only for one night. The campers will get to stay in the platform tents with beds and mattresses (they still do need to bring a warm sleeping bag!). They will get to participate in a few of the sleepaway camp activities at the ranch. They will feed the pigs, lambs, chickens, and rabbits. They will eat a dinner and participate in some after dinner games. Then time for the campfire and s'mores, of course. After hanging out at the campfire - perhaps with a few songs, stories, and jokes, the glamping crew heads to bed in the platform tent villages overlooking the entire fryingpan valley drainage (quite the view! - not that kids appreciate it as much as us staff members). The stars at 8K Ranch are incredible. In the morning, the crew will get to feed the animals again, participate in the morning Ajax Sleepaway rituals (i.e. raising the camp flag, etc.), and then sit down for a hearty breakfast. After breakfast, there are a few more short activities before heading back to basecamp at the Aspen Middle School for pickup by 12:30 P.M.

Campout Highlights

Campout Activites
Campout Meals
Nightime Games
Tent card playing
Outdoor skill building
Group Bonding
Wilderness Exploration
Flashlight tag
Camoflauge & Stalk Games
All-terrain Bocce
Golf Ball Horseshoes
Mountain Croquet
Ajax Sleepaway Activities
So much fun!

Glampout Schedule

June 15-16 - 2018
June 22-23 - 2018
July 6-7 - 2018
July 20-21 - 2018
August 3-4 - 2018

Campout Schedule

June 29-30 - 2018
July 13-14 - 2018
July 27-28 - 2018
August 10-11 - 2018


Campers will arrive at camp on Friday morning (at 9:00 AM like a typical day). They will participate in a morning activity with all of camp and then after lunch depart for their campout. The campout crew drives directly to the camping location (varies depending on the week), so no need for the campers to ``backpack`` in their gear. The campout returns back to the basecamp at the Aspen Middle School by about 12:30 on Saturday.

Packing List

• Sleeping Bag (AAC has a few sleeping bags to borrow, but you must let us know well in advance to make sure we have one available)
• Flashlight
• Warm Clothes (The temperature will likely be in the 40s at night)
o Pants
o Sweatshirt/Sweater
o Jacket
o Gloves (optional)
o Ski Hat (optional)
o Long Underwear (optional)
• Extra Socks
• Change of clothes
• Pillow
• Sleeping Pad (AAC has many sleeping pads, simply let us know you will need to borrow
one so we can set it aside for you). If participating in a Glampout, the sleeping pad is not needed.
• Toothbrush/Paste
• Other toiletries
• Medications (If campers are bringing any medications, this must be discussed with AAC
directors prior to the trip).

Please note: No electronic entertainment equipment permitted such as: Ipod’s, electronic games, computers, etc. Cell phones are unnecessary and must remain off and stored in a locked container. We seek to provide a genuine outdoor experience while maintaining a group dynamic that would be altered if the campers used electronic games, music players and cell phones. Thanks!