Summer Camp Testimonials

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Happy Campers

Ajax Adventure Camp was the highlight of our daughter’s 2-month CO vacation! As a “Florida Girl,” she craved a Rocky Mountain adventure. Ajax delivered that and more! The counselors knew just how to encourage without pushing, and they made a point of applauding campers’ successes, no matter how big or small. The Friday-Saturday campout was the icing on the cake. Our daughter returned exhausted, elated, and full of exciting stories of “polar bearing” and being an “iron chef.” See you next summer, Ajax!!!”
Exceptional camp that brings imagination and creativity to all activities including athletic games. I feel that it broadens my children’s perspectives as a wonderful compliment to what is a more traditional, regimented academic education from Sept-June.”
[My kids] had a great summer. Somehow you were able to get both boys to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Some they loved and some not so much but they are now much more willing to be open minded. You all are amazing! Favorite: Camping, Grasshopper catching, Foosball tournament, Biking. You hired absolutely terrific counselors who were fun, thoughtful, kind, adventurous and most of all, patient. Both boys felt they were very well taken care of while at camp.”
This was a an awesome camp. Great experience for both [my son and daughter]. They will never forget it.”

Both [my daughter and son] LOVED it! They attended the week long camping trip at the end of July and still talk about how much fun they had. As a parent, I’m thrilled to hear of all the fun things they did…They loved everything. From camping and camp fires at night, to floating the river in coolers and cooler lids, to also going on duckies, horseback riding, “working” on the ranch, cooking, swimming in the hot springs, singing songs in the van, etc. They loved it all! And they met some wonderful kiddos while they were there too.”

We were so impressed by the camp. Excellent counselors, leadership, activities. My children did several camps this summer, and this was their absolute favorite. We will definitely be signing up for more days next year”

It was AWESOME!! She loved every second of it. I was only going to do for a day or two but she kept on wanting to come back. I love how the kids swam in Weller Lake and jumped into the Punch Bowl. Such positive self esteem building.”
My daughter loved it! As a parent, I felt comfortable sending her to your adventure camp after hearing about your counselor training. You all offered activities that she would have otherwise never experienced. Thank you! Polar Bear, White Water Rafting, Fishing, she loved them all! She loved being given the opportunity to try the grasshoppers….so gross!”
Awesome camp! [Our daughter and son] STILL talk about their Ajax experiences and look forward to next summer… Faves: camping, white water rafting, dam building, biking, hiking, eating grasshopper pancakes, spitting out watermelon seeds, fun in the van, rock climbing, seeing the grown ups act silly.”

Enjoyed the “out in the middle of nowhere” concept the camp holds and the hands on “sustainability-living” situation that it showed the kids! My daughter spent a combined of 3 weeks with Ajax [sleepaway camp] last summer and came back loving a new thing each week!”

It was awesome and you shouldn’t change a thing. My favorite activities were the punch bowl and white water rafting!”
I met so many new friends and I got to see my old friends. We got to have so much fun together playing the activities that we picked. My favorite activity at camp was capture the flag but with eggs! My favorite part was top chef! The food was amazing especially Jamie’s raspberry cheesecake!”

My children absolutely loved this camp. It gave them so many opportunities to just be kids and get dirty. But camp also gave them chances to engage in adventures that they may have otherwise not experienced. My 11 year old daughter climbed her first fourteener, and my son loved jumping into so many cold rivers and lakes. Not to mention the mountain biking trip that challenged him, but left him feeling very proud of himself. As a parent, I knew that my children were in good hands and truly cared for. The counselors felt like family to my kids at the end of the summer.”

Our three boys had the best summer at Ajax Adventure camp. The counsellors were energetic and the kids loved them and each day they were able to chose a different outdoor adventure and were super excited with the rotten fruit golf, hatchet throwing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, real outdoor rock climbing, boat building, rafting, camping trips, amazing art projects,scavenger hunts, crazy games and the list goes on and on. Danny and Caitlin and all the counsellors made it an incredible experience for all three of our boys and they loved meeting so many kids from around the world who were at the camp!”

The Ajax Adventure Camp is the best camp my children, age 10 (daughter) and 8 (son), ever attended in Aspen, Colorado in the past 8 years. They have so many fun memories with the counselors and various camping trips that they can’t wait to go back next year! What a great treasure! Bravo, AAC!”
You have the freedom to choose from all sorts of activities, the activities are creative and so much fun, and the counselors are awesome. I’ve never liked a camp so much! I can’t wait for next summer!”
Excitement every day!!! Our son loved this camp — he was eager to go each morning and eager to tell us about his adventures every night at dinner. The hatchet-throwing outings and polar bear immersions were among his favorite activities.”
This camp was a blast..My son loved the freedom to choose his daily activities and the great attention he received from all the counselors.”
You really challenge the children (son and daughter) with your activities. I also like the low counselor to child ratio”
Awesome camp! Very friendly atmosphere. Great activities allowing rapid progression with good counsellor to camper ratio. My daughter had a great time – thanks again!”
Julian enjoyed the camp a lot! It was a great experience, he enjoyed the fact that the counselors were really engaged and having fun with the camp participants all the time.”

Sam really adored the counselors. He enjoyed talking with them…Food was excellent. You guys made a huge effort with lunch and it was appreciated. Sam liked the rugged activities most. Jumping into the river. Climbing. Hiking (although he’d never admit to me he liked hiking, I know he enjoyed it actually). Tubing was a major hit.”

At Ajax Adventure Camp I had more fun than at any other camp I’ve been. The variety of activities, and the overnight trips made AAC unique. The counselors were always very friendly and interesting to talk to as they had diverse backgrounds and interests. I met a variety of different kids who were always eager to try new activities and have fun.”

[My daughter] looked at the counselors like older siblings, and trusted them with her life. I trusted them with her life. The best part she said was getting to choose her day from the daily menu. She could hardly sleep the night before wondering what the choices would be.”

My son loved Ajax Adventure Camp. After spending a week here, he was more adventurous, independent and confident…The counselors were upbeat, positive and supportive. They were great role models. He learned that he liked fried eggplant!”

I have never seen my son so fired up about doing any activity, ever! Not only did he have a great time camping in sub-freezing temperatures, his favorite part of that overnight was swimming in Grizzly Reservoir while there was still snow and ice around! … truly a testament to the skill and creative enthusiasm of the camp’s counsellors.”

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