Summer Camp Staff

- the ajax family -

Our Staff

It takes us 6 months of sorting through counselor applicants to accept the best of the best. These senior counselors, ranging from Ivy League graduates to local teachers, are also accompanied by junior and assistant counselor with ample knowledge of the outdoors and the Aspen area. With this superstar camp team, we strive to maintain a camper to staff ratio that does not exceed 5:1 in all activities. We take great pride in our staff team and hope you have an opportunity to interact with, learn from, and have fun with all of them this summer!

- our staff -

Meet Our Leadership

Danny Hundert
Liz Beckwith
Camp Director
Oliver Umpleby
Camp Director
Trent Jameson
Sleepaway Camp Director
Michael Alderson
Day Camp Operations Director
Scott Rambo
Activities Director and Director of Fun!
Andy Adams
Ajax Sleepaway Operations Manager
Kathy E. Scott
Camp Chef

Staff Qualifications

  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder – 80+ hrs)
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid certification)
  • Professional Climbing Instructors Association Base Managed Climbing Instructor Certification
  • Professional Climbing Instructors Association Top Managed Climbing Instructor Certification
  • Week-long AAC Training (60+ hours)
  • Lifeguard Certification
  • Medication Administration Certification
  • Universal Precautions
  • First Aid
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Various Activity-Based Certifications
  • College Degree or are Currently in College

2018 Summer Camp Counselors!

Griffin Day

This is Griffin’s second year at camp. He is a recent graduate from University of Nebraska at Lincoln. His favorite activity is biking.

Chris Hale - Smith

This was Chris’s first summer. He came all the way from New York. He’s excited to try his hand at Junior Camp.

Knutzen Hoff

This is Knutzen’s second year at camp. He grew up right in the valley and knows all the awesome places to go. He has introduced unicycling at camp. When he's not working at camp he is a DJ and a coach for AVSC.

Becca Kokjohn

This is Becca’s second year at camp. She became a lead at Junior Camp this year, and is excited to take on more responsibility at camp. Her favorite activity is by far is Searching for Mermaids. When she is not working at camp she is teaching her very own group of first graders in Iowa.

Joelle Marlowe

This is Joelle’s first year at camp. She is going to be a lead in Junior Camp and is excited to try her hand at everything Junior Camp. She spent her last winter in Aspen and is excited to see what summer will bring.

Brittany McDermott

This is Britanny’s third year at camp. She grew up right in the valley. She is our resident archer, and gaining skill in rock climbing. When she's not at camp she is teaching skiing or preparing for stunt school.

Matthew Naschak

This is Matthew’s third year at camp. He is very excited to be the lead climbing Instructor at camp this year. During his winters he is a ski instructor on Snowmass Mountain.

Paul Rambo

This is Paul’s first official year at camp. His twin brother has been at camp for countless years. He’s excited to try his hand at making music with kids.

Jerad Ruble

This is Jerad’s second year at camp. He comes all the way from Iowa. His favorite activity is skateboarding.

Luci Sherriff

This is Luci’s first year at camp. She’s grown up in the valley. She is excited to get her hands dirty with some tie dying.

Bella Stepnoski

This is Bella’s first year at camp. Bella loves everything to do with crafts and is excited to perfect her friendship bracelet skills. When she's not working at camp shes attending college in Montana

Greta Stetson

This is Greta’s first year at camp. She is excited to try her hand in all sorts of camp activities, like bubble soccer.

Mimi VanDyke

This is Mimi’s third year as a counselor at camp, before that she was a camper for a number of years. Mimi loves camp, but she especially loves going hanging out at Junior Camp.

Justis Wellington

Justis just moved from Iowa to the valley. He is excited to try his hand at paintball.

Paul Yoo

This is Paul’s second summer at camp. He recently graduated from Villanova University. He is excited to do some tower storming.

Ben Zimmerman

Ben returned to camp this summer after a couple summers off. Ben is the creator of of cloud catching, tongs of power and lots of the high velocity activities. He's joining us all the way from New York.