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About Ajax Adventure Camp

Have fun while being safe.

That is what Ajax Adventure Camp is all about. It is the goal of the staff at Ajax Adventure Camp to:

Ensure the safety of all campers
Facilitate the most fun and adventurous summer of campers’ lives
Teach campers new skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime
Promote interaction between positive role models and a diverse group of campers
Inspire Awesomeness
- our staff -

The Ajax Adventure Team

Staff members leading activities collectively have the following qualifications:

  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder – 80+ hrs)
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid certification)
  • Professional Climbing Instructors Association Base Managed Climbing Instructor Certification
  • Professional Climbing Instructors Association Top Managed Climbing Instructor Certification
  • Week-long AAC Training (60+ hours)
  • Lifeguard Certification
  • Medication Administration Certification
  • Universal Precautions
  • First Aid
  • CPR/AED Certification
  • Various Activity-Based Certifications
  • College Degree or are Currently in College
Danny Hundert
Liz Beckwith
Camp Director
Oliver Umpleby
Camp Director
Trent Jameson
Sleepaway Camp Director
Michael Alderson
Director vehicles and overnight trips
Scott Rambo
Activities Director and Director of Fun!
Andy Adams
Ajax Sleepaway Operations Manager

Our Campers

Ajax Adventure Campers have the freedom to choose what they want to do. During the morning activity period, each counselor offers a different activity. After the announcements, each camper picks which activity he/she will participate in for that morning. A typical day might see several campers go rock climbing, others mountain biking, another group fishing, others floating, still others choosing to participate in a morning of crazy activities such as rotten fruit golf or horse poo baseball, etc, etc. After lunch (provided by camp), the counselors announce new activities and the campers again choose whichever activity they want to participate in for the afternoon. We hope all campers participate in an overnight trip while at camp and encourage them to do so by providing all the necessary gear and expertise. We love being adventurous, so if you have an idea for an activity, convince a counselor and some campers to go do whatever it is you imagined.

Since every camper gets an Ajax Adventure Camp hoodie and there are over 30 clubs of which they can earn patches, all campers can customize their experience and earn their way into as many clubs as they can.